Secrets of Extraordinary Marriages The Extraordinary Marriage Program

Most divorces are totally unnecessary. Divorce is expensive both emotionally and financially for the partners as well as for their children. Research has shown that people with happy marriages earn more, live longer and raise happier children than those who divorce or never marry.

Marriage researchers now know the teachable skills that distinguish between happy and unhappy marriages. Participation in the Extraordinary Marriage Program will give you the tools to transform an ordinary marriage into an Extraordinary Marriage.

What to expect from the EM Program:

Key Concepts of Program:

  1. Feel more connected & maintan those "in love" feelings.
  2. Regain passion & intimacy.
  3. Negotiate differences & make decisions.
  4. Create & implement your couple and individual dreams.
  5. Increase cooperation & harmony.
  6. Develop marital resilience.

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